Film Productions

Ivarr the Boneless, Spring 2003, 3BMTV

Added 8 years ago

30 people for battle shots and 12 people for village shots, broadcast on Channel 4 12th June 2003.

Ivarr the Boneless, Spring 2003, 3BMTV...

October films, 10th February 2003

Added 8 years ago

5 people provided as Normans for Thomas Becket shot in Chepstow Cathedral

October films, 10th February 2003...

TV Choice, 2003

Added 8 years ago

1 warrior supplied for educational film re banking for GCSE students.

TV Choice, 2003...

HSBC Advert, 2001

Added 8 years ago

36 costumed warriors, assorted domestic and military props and a re-enactment co-ordinator supplied for 1 days filming. Training Officer provided to instruct male lead in combat skills.

HSBC Advert, 2001...

Nokia Mobile Phone Advert 2000

Added 8 years ago

AWS provided 95 costumed combatants, 6 mounted warriors, location advice and a re-enactment co-ordinator for 2 days filming.

Nokia Mobile Phone Advert 2000...